My Sauce review

If you enjoy and can take the fiery heat from scotch bonnet peppers then My Sauce may be what you’re looking for!

Made from only vegetables, this sauce is vegan friendly, gluten free and comes in three different flavours: spicy pineapple marinade, scotch bonnet mild and scotch bonnet hot.

I went for the scotch bonnet hot, which has quite a thick consistency, so it is great for dipping and marinading. It has a tangy and distinct pepper taste so I decided to try it out with a southern fried chicken salad.


I'm quite sure you don't need me to write out how to make a salad, so here are just the list of ingredients I used before I drizzled some hot sauce on top :)

150g cooked southern fried chicken
198g tinned sweetcorn (drained)
90g baby salad leaves
10 cherry tomatoes (halved)
1 avocado
A bottle of My Sauce - Scotch Bonnet Hot (as much as you like!)

Tempted to try? Find out where you can get your My Sauce on Gil's website!


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