Brighton in a Day

Having planned this trip to Brighton weeks in advanced, we were unable to predict the windy weather that would arrive! On the bright side, at least it was sunny (no pun intended) :)

Upon arrival, we stopped at Grocer and Grain, a shop on the corner for a coffee.
Inside, I was surprised to find lots of vegan cakes! I was still full from breakfast but I would love to go back and try a slice.

Next stop, Snoopers Paradise. It's a well-known place for bric-a-brac and antiques and deceptively big inside!

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch! Infinity Foods caught my eye and to my delight it was full of healthy things, which smelt delicious!
A customer overheard our conversation and directed us to Infinity Food's cafe, where I tried a smoked tofu and miso sandwich filled with rocket and aubergines. Surprisingly filling!
This little gelato shop had all the flavours I wish I could eat! From baileys to maron glacé, they are all made in the shop itself. I was greedy and tried a sample of cherry cola sorbet and lychee and rose sorbet, which was light yet refreshing and tasted like Turkish Delight :)

One of the top things to see on our list was Brighton Pier. The difference between the locals and newcomers? The locals aren't afraid of getting drenched by the waves! 

After walking along the seafront, we headed towards the pier, where you can go on the rides and play lots of arcade games. Due to the weather conditions, most of the roller coasters were not in use but that didn't stop me meeting my date, Frankenstein :p

Only having a few hours left, we decided to walk around the little shops and find a little cafe to sit in before the sun set. Having passed this place earlier and spotted that it served homemade almond milk, we popped in to Silo. 

Tempted by their dark hot chocolate with brown sugar and homemade almond milk, I had to try some. 
I have a bit of a sweet tooth so I added some extra brown sugar but for those who prefer it to not to be too sweet, this would be a drink for you. What I love about it the most is that it is soy and dairy free :)

Despite the strong gusts of winds, it was a great to see all the little hidden shops, taste some vegan treats and walk along the Pier.

Cost of Day Trip: 
Tickets - £8.95 (with railcard)
Lunch - £3.95
Hot Chocolate - £2.50
Total = £15.40


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