Duck and Waffle

This post is a little late as I was invited to Duck and Waffle back in November!

Situated near Liverpool Street station, Duck and Waffle are open 24-7, 7 days a week so if you're feeling peckish at 5am and want to watch the sunrise, then you know where to go :)

For those afraid of heights, this may not be for you.. The restaurant is on the 40th floor and the only way up is via the glass lifts so you can see London shrinking as you ascend. Hope that hasn't put you off as the food is definitely worth the height!

We ordered a range of starters, which included 6 oysters, each one from a different country or region.
The bacon wrapped dates with watercress salad was delicious. The sweet and salty combo worked really well and I'd definitely go back for another plate of those!
The Rosemary and Garlic bread was subtle but was good too. 
The spicy ox cheek doughnut was recommended to us by the staff but it had a very strong cinnamon/paprika taste, which was too overpowering for me.  
We all went for the famous confit duck leg with a waffle and duck egg and maple syrup with mustard seeds. After having so many starters, it was a challenge to finish my plate but the dish was so good, it was hard to put down my fork!
The views are lovely if you're lucky to get a seat by the window, but if you can't there's always the bar downstairs and the stairs that lead to it :) 
If you plan on going, always book as early as you can!


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