Bibimbap and Bubble Tea

So this post is a little late but since I had some days off before Christmas, my sister and I decided to take our mum out to London and have a girls day out :)

After walking round Southbank Christmas Market and Chinatown, we decided to stop at Biju for a bubble tea, which has a cute, little seating area.

I tried matcha green tea with almond milk and honey. It's a great alternative for those who are allergic to dairy or prefer almond milk. However, I'd only recommend it to those who don't mind a the matcha, which has a slightly bitter taste to it. 

Located inbetween Oxford Circus station and Tottenham Court Road, we happened to discover Bibigo - a Korean restaurant. Already familiar with their seaweed snacks, we went in without any hesitation!

After spending a long time of choosing from all the tasty looking dishes, we ordered tofu and chive dumplings, a tofu hot stone bibimbap, a beef hot stone bibimbap and a Korean spicy ramyun. 

For those who have never heard of hot stone bibimbap, it is a combination of rice and vegetables served in a hot stone bowl, which is coated with some sesame oil. The heat from the bowl causes the bottom layer of rice to crisp up :) 
Tofu and Chive Dumplings with Soy Sauce - Photos by SukiSuki
Hot Stone Bibimbap with Hot Sauce
Korean Spicy Ramyun
So if you're looking for delicious food that is fairly priced, I'd recommend Bibigo :) Also, if you plan on going soon, there is a promotional offer of 50% off to celebrate the opening of their new branch in Angel!


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