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I had never heard of Bloggers Hangout before until Vi Vian invited me to go with her to the Pop Up Kitchen event they were holding :) 

These were all my goodies from the event!

Find out which treat came from which stall below :)  

Based near Shadwell, on the fourth floor, were lots of little stalls with different food products. Starting with the stall closest to the entrance, I greeted the friendly couple at Neat's. I will admit Vi Vian and I kept going back to chat to them and to try their amazing rice crackers! :) My favourite would have to be the black rice with Himalayan salt. Neat's weren't just there to promote themselves but to gain feedback on their packaging and taste of the five different flavours. These rice crackers are soon to be available in Waitrose and Wholefoods in November so look out for them! Thank you Neat's for the samples - I'm happily munching on them at my desk as you read this :)

Second stop, tplus, known for their Super green teas. Their boost tea, flavoured with raspberry and pomegranate was my favourite so I was very happy to find it in the sample box they gave me :) 

They also have teas for detoxing (apple and blackcurrant), immunity (orange and blueberry) and multivitamins (lemon and peach). As they blend green tea with real fruit pieces, functional herbs and daily essential vitamins, you can only feel great after drinking their tea!

Next stop, T-sticks. At first the name did make me think of the T-zone on the face but I'm sure that's just me :p
T-sticks are little sticks of tea in the shape of one of those sugar / instant coffee packets you get in hotels. The idea is, instead of a tea bag, the tea leaves are inside the stick, which is pierced with small holes. The stick acts as a spoon also, so the more you stir, the more infused your tea will be. Simples :)

As the crowd and queues became bigger, we decided to skip the order of stalls and visit the next room with more stalls! 

Nosh, who were serving a range of raw smoothies, caught our eye. We tried their broccoli, kale and avocado smoothie, which looked, smelt and felt super healthy! Perfect for breakfast as they are quite filling. My favourite would have to be The Raw Fruity - Raspberry, Apple and Pear smoothie, which had just the right amount of natural sweetness to it.

I can't quite remember the order of the following stalls we visited as I didn't take many photos due to my hands becoming full with samples! Here are the other stalls:

- Just Crackers
Here were a range of different flavoured crackers including sea salt and black pepper, onion and chive and original. These are great with dips or even on their own! Thank you Just Crackers for the generous sample of a whole bag of crackers! They were so morish with pumpkin and maple soup and olive oil houmous :) 

- Red Chilli Kitchen
We got to sample different Vietnamese pastes and oils from this stall as well as being given two jars - one chilli marinade and the other curry paste. My favourite was the sweet chilli oil with some pasta :)

- Silly Yak 
Great name (for coeliacs) with a cute logo of a yak :)
Here I got to try gluten free sausage rolls, where I couldn't spot the difference! It took 8 years to get the taste just right and I must say it was well worth the wait! Thank you for the gluten free pastry block - I can't wait to make some of my own.

- Atlantic Kitchen
It took me a while to like seaweed due to the salty, almost fishy taste until my sister introduced me to the dried, crispy seaweed. Atlantic Kitchen served up three different seaweed products and they were kind enough to give us a tub of it home! The seaweed was combined with peas, potatoes and lots of other tasty but healthy things, which just made me want to eat it every day! Thanks Atlantic Kitchen - I can't wait to eat it again :)

- Miracle Matcha
I always like trying matcha desserts so was intrigued to see what matcha products they had. Not only was a sample of matcha powder available but capsules containing matcha. You can add the powder to yoghurt, drinks, porridge and lots of other things so let's see what I come up with..

- Remeo
I recognised the lid of this ice cream from an Italian shop in Primrose Hill. By the time we had got to their stall, they had run out of spoons, so we cheekily borrowed one from Mama Eti :p

- Mama Eti
Known for her Indonesian food, we were able to sample her chicken curry with rice in a cute little wooden boat dish. It was quite lemongrassy with a hint of coconut cream but I liked the level of spiciness to it. 

Last stop - Üfit
A protein shake suitable for anytime of the day! Whether you're looking for breakfast on the go, a in-between snack or a dessert - Üfit is for you. Being allergic to dairy - I can't tell you how the sample tastes but I'm sure it be delicious. Thank you for t-shirt Üfit :) 


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