Ichigo Makeup for Halloweeen

Happy Halloween!

Stuck for ideas this year? Want something scary but easy to do? How about Ichigo? :)

This year Melissa invited me to Tug's Halloween party and I went as Ichigo, an anime character from Bleach. I'll be honest, I just picked a face from Google that was fairly simple but still halloweeny, I didn't know it was a well known character (my bad!).

You'll need:
White face paint
Black face paint
Red face paint
Make up sponge
Make up brush

First decide which half of your face you want to paint the mask on and then paint a white base on the chosen side. 
Next paint the elongated eye line so one end touches the middle part of your nose and the other reaches the side of your face (near your temple).
Add downward triangles of red paint and an upside down Nike tick on the cheek. And you're done!
I also added a bit of lipstick, mascara and eyeliner to other side of my face but that's optional :)

I also did my nails - excuse the messiness! 

Thanks Tug for having me :)


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