Chocolate Afternoon Tea

So it's National Chocolate Week! I hope you've all been enjoying the chocolate events happening around London. I even got to sample some delicious dark chocolate wine at Westfield Stratford :p

Last year I found an 241 offer by Days Out Guide offer for a chocolate afternoon tea at Park Lane at the Hilton Hotel. 

Being unable to resist anything chocolately, I took my best friend Alex and turned up hungry :)

This was our first afternoon tea so didn't really know to expect apart from sandwiches and cakes with a chocolate twist. 
A waitress arrived with our menus and a selection of hot drinks to choose from, including coffee, hot chocolate to posh sounding teas. The tea and hot chocolate were perfect for a winter's day. 
We were able to choose 4 sandwiches, with the option of having one of each flavour or as many of each flavour we wished. I chose the ham with tomato and smoked salmon, which were both delicious. Alex opted for prawn cocktail and also ham and tomato.
What followed the sandwiches, was very impressive. As we had booked it near Christmas, it included that theme, which looked so pretty!

The only thing was, (apart from the scones) there was only one of each dessert so we had to pick which one we wanted. Luckily Alex loves me enough to share things with me :) 

We both found the dessert in the shot glass too sharp to eat and had to leave that one. The warm chocolate chips scones with the chocolate butter were so good. I think what I liked the most was the chocolate plate the desserts were served on for the top tier. 

Even though everything seemed quite small and dainty, we were so full we had to request a box to take our desserts home. It's £36 but with service charge it came to £40.20, which worked out just over £20 each.

So if you have a sweet tooth and dream of chocolate, try out this afternoon tea. The offer is still available - click here for more details.


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