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I was kindly invited to a #ZomatoMeetup with Alexandra, Sheepa and other bloggers for brunch :)

We all have different jobs, have different back backgrounds but we all have one thing in common - we all love food! As this was my second meetup, I couldn't wait to talk to familiar faces as well as meet new ones too. 

We were allowed to order anything off the menu (one main and a side as well as any beverage, alongside build your own peach bellinis. For £20 you get a bottle of prosecco, as many peach purée shots as you wish and then you can make it as strong or fruity as you like. They did warn us it could be a boozy brunch!

For my main, I went for a one pan fry up, which was served in a cute, little frying pan. It came with sausages, eggs, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, bacon and optional toast. As I usually have hash browns with my fry ups, I opted for rosemary seasoned french fries as my side dish, which were crunchy, crispy and oh so morish. I would definitely recommend them! 

Sheepa went for the French toast, which smelt and looked delicious! To try a bit of everything, our plan was to order chips and the garlic buttered potatoes and then share :)

Em's French Toast

Despite brimming with food, there were a few survivors who went for dessert. I couldn't resist the sound of a poached pear with caramel sauce and vanilla and pear sorbet. 

The presentation was simplistic but elegant. Upon the first spoonful, the taste of brown sugar was very strong. As pears are naturally sweet, so Van Ahn and I agreed that the sauce was too sweet to finish. However the pear sorbet was refreshing and tasted purely of pear - yum.

After dessert, Matt took us on a tour of the antiques in the glass display cabinet that were for sale. 

I also managed to have a quick chat with Carl Josef who played any song we requested on the piano :) Unfortunately, I had to depart before he could play my Ludovico Einaudi request.

It was such an enjoyable event, I didn't even notice it had almost been a 5 hour brunch! But Matt had to make it even more enjoyable by giving us all a generous slice of their carrot cake to take home. I let my sister have it with the deal that she would take some photos of it before eating. Matt if you're reading this -she said it was amazing! 

@loveSukiSuki photography
@loveSukiSuki photography

Zomato and Counter, you totally spoiled us. Thank you Alexandra and Sheepa for organising a wonderful and food-filled event :)

For those who aren't familiar with Zomato but want to get involved, you can visit their website or click here to see my other blog post :)
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