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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

Apparently today is Peanut Butter Day! So here's something I made last weekend for all you PB fans :) 
I had a craving to bake something new.. So after asking around for some inspiration, I finally decided on making a chocolate peanut butter cake! I'm always buying a slice or a cupcake whenever I find this flavour at a vegan stall but this time I thought I'd try making my own. 

Three layers of rich chocolate cake, with a peanut butter filling and covered with a peanut butter frosting and topped with chocolate chips :)
And for those who are allergic or intolerant to dairy, you'll be pleased to know that this cake recipe is milk-free and the frosting is vegan too :)

I used the chocolate cake recipe on loveswah's blog as I found it makes a rich and very fluffy sponge :)

For the Cake:
⅔ cup cocoa powder1½ tbsps instant coffee powder¾ cup brown sugar375ml boiling water190g butter (room temperature)1 cup caster sugar3 teaspoons vanilla extract3 eggs (room temperatur…

Vegan Orange Hot Chocolate

With the weather dropping into the minus numbers, there's nothing like a hot mug of hot chocolate to warm you back up :)

Inspired by the orange hot chocolate in M&S and the dark hot chocolate in Silo, I decided to make my own one, vegan too.
Instead of using orange syrup like they do, I used a few pieces of orange flavoured Swiss chocolate.
Ingredients 250ml oat milk (or any of your choice) 50g of orange chocolate 1 teaspoon brown sugar (optional)
How To Make Simply heat the milk up in a saucepan but do not let it boil. Break the chocolate in to small pieces and add to the hot milk. Keep stirring until the chocolate has completely melted. Take it off the heat and pour into your favourite mug (you can sieve if preferred but I like all those chocolately bits!). Add brown sugar to sweeten and enjoy :) 
M&S - Hot Chocolate with Orange Syrup
Silo - Dark Hot Chocolate with Almond Milk and Brown Sugar

Sushi at Tenshi

To celebrate being offered a new job as a designer, we decided to go to the new Bibigo at Angel. Unfortunately they turned us away as they were fully booked on that Friday night.
So since we were in Angel already, we headed to Tenshi for a cosier dinner.
We ordered a range of starters including my favourite - salmon and avocado hand roll.  It was delicious. One of the best ones I've had! Even the photo is making me crave some again! Next to it was the prawn tempura hand roll, which I didn't try but apparently was ok.
Next starter, agedeshi tofu. I let it sit too long in the sauce so if you don't want the crispy coating to go soggy then eat it when it arrives :) The sweet and salty sauce went really well with the crispy but silk like tofu. Our final starter was soft shell crab served with salad and a citrus soy sauce. The soft shell crab was small but meaty and went well with soy, which was subtlety tangy. By this point, I was already getting full before my main course had even a…

Chigwell TopGolf

Want to let off some steam or just fancy hitting some balls? Try TopGolf driving range situated in Chigwell, Essex :)

The food here is pretty tasty too, especially the fish goujons! We ordered fish and chips and 30 BBQ wings to share.  Membership is £20 for an adult and includes 4 games and £10 for a child but your membership will never expire. If you're thinking about just trying it out then you can purchase a taster membership, which lasts for 30 days and costs £2, with no games included.

You can also play the target games they have installed where you aim for specific targets and get prizes if you complete the challenge. Or you can just compete against your friends and laugh at them when they miss the ball :)

Duck and Waffle

This post is a little late as I was invited to Duck and Waffle back in November!

Situated near Liverpool Street station, Duck and Waffle are open 24-7, 7 days a week so if you're feeling peckish at 5am and want to watch the sunrise, then you know where to go :)

For those afraid of heights, this may not be for you.. The restaurant is on the 40th floor and the only way up is via the glass lifts so you can see London shrinking as you ascend. Hope that hasn't put you off as the food is definitely worth the height!

We ordered a range of starters, which included 6 oysters, each one from a different country or region. The bacon wrapped dates with watercress salad was delicious. The sweet and salty combo worked really well and I'd definitely go back for another plate of those! The Rosemary and Garlic bread was subtle but was good too.  The spicy ox cheek doughnut was recommended to us by the staff but it had a very strong cinnamon/paprika taste, which was too overpowering for me.   We al…

Brighton in a Day

Having planned this trip to Brighton weeks in advanced, we were unable to predict the windy weather that would arrive! On the bright side, at least it was sunny (no pun intended) :)

Upon arrival, we stopped at Grocer and Grain, a shop on the corner for a coffee. Inside, I was surprised to find lots of vegan cakes! I was still full from breakfast but I would love to go back and try a slice.
Next stop, Snoopers Paradise. It's a well-known place for bric-a-brac and antiques and deceptively big inside!

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch! Infinity Foods caught my eye and to my delight it was full of healthy things, which smelt delicious! A customer overheard our conversation and directed us to Infinity Food's cafe, where I tried a smoked tofu and miso sandwich filled with rocket and aubergines. Surprisingly filling! This little gelato shop had all the flavours I wish I could eat! From baileys to maron glacĂ©, they are all made in the shop itself. I was greedy and tried a sample of c…