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The Bloggers Hangout Misc Gifts

Over the past month I've been sent quite a few gifts to review from brands collaborating with The Bloggers Hangout. So I thought I'd write one big post about all the brands who have gifted me in the order I received them :)

I recognised this brand as soon as it arrived as my sister had found it in Italy and loved it! Packaged in a bright green tube, this cream certainly stands out. It has a strong scent of lemon and herbs, giving it a fresh aroma. It hydrates dry skin but leaves a very shiny and slightly sticky finish on your skin. I have eczema so have very dry skin but I found the Skin Food cream only coated my skin rather than soften it. However it suits my sensitive skin and doesn't irritate it. So if you're looking for a cream that used only natural ingredients, give Weleda a try.

SBC Aloe Vera Skincare Gel
I was so happy to be gifted my chosen SBC product! Fed up of creams for my eczema, I was hoping this gel would be just as good as the reviews!

I loved the bri…

Mildred's Camden

I'm excited to say I'll be starting my new job as a Graphic Designer next week! Since it'll be in central London, I'd thought I'd try all the places I wanted to before I leave Camden. 

One of the restaurants on my list was Mildred's. I had planned to have my leaving lunch here but they simply could not cater for a group of 18 (maximum 12). So I thought it'd be a perfect place to catch up with Melissa.
We ordered a drink and a main each and a side to share.
I loved the mocktail - virgin mule. Made with ginger, cucumber, lemonade and vanilla syrup it was like a very throat-warming ginger beer but possibly the best mocktail I've had! The food arrived so quickly, we had barely started our conversation! We started with the smashed avocado with lime, chilli and blue corn chips.  We were both craving guacamole so it definitely hit the spot. The blue corn chips were more appealing to the eye than the tastebuds as they didn't really taste of anything but went wel…

Eat Tokyo Soho

I woke up with a craving for sushi so our Thursday evening became a spontaneous date night :) After being recommended Eat Tokyo by many of our friends, we thought we'd give it a try.
With a huge menu to choose from, we knew it would take a while to decide so we ordered some deep fried soft shell crab and some agedeshi tofu to munch on whilst we flicked through the menu.
The soft shell crab was very crispy but a little bit on the fishy side once you reached the middle of the crab. The lemon went well with it but I mostly used it to give it some flavour and to hide the fishiness.. I'd say the legs were the best part but definitely not worth £7.50.

I was really looking forward to the agedeshi tofu as it's one of my favourite things to eat but was really disappointed to find it was so so bland. Adding soy sauce helped a bit but I wouldn't recommend trying it here.
After spotting the Japanese soda on the menu I couldn't resist having one. The date on the bottle was a bit…

Turin in 4 hours

Visiting Turin and only have a few hours? Then keep on reading :) For my sister's wedding, my family and I flew out to Montafia, Italy. There was a lot of setting up to do but my brother-in-law (Francesco) advised me and Ken to go to Turin for the afternoon before things became extremely manic.

Taking a direct train from Villanova d'Asti station to Torino Porta Susa, we bought two single tickets, which totalled around €11 I think.. The trains are really nice! Modern seating with screens to tell you what the next stop is and it also has air conditioning (just what I needed!). 
With detailed information from Francesco and lots of screenshots of google maps on our phones, we headed out to explore. 
I'd been to the city centre twice so roughly knew where to go but I had also had Francesco as a tour guide.
First stop, Venchi! For those who aren't familiar with this brand, you can find their products in M&S and Covent Garden, London. I love their dairy free gelato. There's…

Mommi Clapham

I spotted a great offer on TimeOut and after looking at the menu, I thought it'd be a great place to try out and with Melissa :)

Based near Clapham North / Clapham High Street station, is Clapham's best kept secret. Catering for meat-lovers, vegans and gluten free diets, there's something for everyone :)
For £12 per person (usually £31.25) you get 8 sharing dishes and a cocktail at this Peruvian-Japanese style bar. Here's what the menu looks like:
Seasonal infused Mommi House Pisco Sour Nibbles
Crispy Peruvian Corn Cancha, Smoked Paprika
Padron Peppers, Sea Salt Despite being scared of Japalenos, these are picked before they become hot so were just like eating peppers with a slight crunch from the light batter and sea salt. I found the crispy corn quite addictive too :) Raw Bar
Tuna Chirashi Sushi, Ginger, Kampyo and Sesame, Kizami Nori, Aji Amarillo Crème Fraiche
Salmon, Sweet Potato, Orange & Red Onion Ceviche, Lime and Coriander
We loved the tuna dish. The sweet potato was…