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The Bloggers Hangout Summer Hangout

With long working hours, it's difficult to attend weekday events. So when The Bloggers Hangout announced their event was also on a Saturday, I was so glad!

My friend Alex was also visiting for the weekend so I took him along :)
It was a sunny day but it was really hot inside. Luckily CocktailMania were at hand to help cool us all down with their ice slushies! Available in 3 flavours, it was hard to choose.  After tweeting my order, we got to try the Blue W'ray cocktail, which contains their strongest rum. Yum. 

First stall to visit was Regenerate. I have sensitive teeth so was very excited to try find out more! In my goodie bag I was given a tube of toothpaste and a gum shield with a boosting serum that you wear for 3 minutes and it strengthens weakened enamel! Will update once I've tried it :) The toothpaste is has a silky texture with a mild peppermint taste. Although it doesn't look any different to ordinary toothpaste, I found it doesn't foam. Not sure if that's…

Aquapax Water

I happened to discover Aquapax whilst browsing in Selfridges and met the lovely founder - Neil Tomlinson :)

I hadn't heard of Aquapax before so was intrigued as to what made this water different from all the others.

Firstly, it's not in a bottle! I'm all for environmentally things and this ticks that box! Made from paper, this carton of water is recyclable and sustainable. #ditchtheplastic

Secondly, it's pure mineral water. I am quite fussy when it comes to water (just ask anyone who's lived with me). I've always been able to differentiate the taste of tap, filtered and bottled water, even water that's been stored in a thermos style container. So I was very curious to see how this tasted..

Neil told me to take an initial sip to clear my mouth palate of anything I'd eaten or drank before taking a second sip to really be able to taste the water. However I was surprised I couldn't taste anything, which is exactly how it should be. "Water should be lik…

Cookbook Cafe

I spotted this restaurant on TimeOut so quickly asked YummyFeed and Vi Vian if they wanted to go here for our foodies dinner. Four yeses later, I snapped up their £29 for 2 courses and unlimited prosecco for 1.5hours deal. 

I must say I found it a little confusing to get to the place due to the roundabouts and multiple exits but if you are familiar with Hyde Park station, you'll have no problem locating the place. Situated in The Intercontinental Hotel, you'll find Cookbook Cafe nestled inside.
I spoke to the restaurant beforehand stating my allergies and they were more than happy to accommodate for me, highlighting and changing all the items that wouldn't suit me. It made the rest of the group curious to see what I would be getting!
Whilst we waited for the starters to arrive, we were served warm various shaped breads with butter. Unfortunately I had to enjoy the bread on its own but it was still nice. Best to eat it whilst it was warm as it can become quite tough to bite on…

Potato Project

I kept seeing seeing so many posts and mentions about this place so I was curious to visit :)

Being only a 20 minute walk away from my office, it seemed like the perfect place to go with the cold and wet weather outside.
I was keen to try out their vegan option: sweet potato, pomegranate, kale with smoked almonds. To be honest as soon as I had heard smoked almonds, it was pretty much sold :)

The sweet potato was so creamy it was hard to believe it was vegan friendly! I loved the charred bit of kale with the bursts of sweet pomegranate. I would have liked more smoked almonds as the taste and crunch just made it more enjoyable.
I was invited to go back by Amy (who's also a blogger) so decided to try their new Sweet Potato with Chicken Teriyaki. 

Nino was so welcoming and friendly and let me sit right by the bar so I could see all the action :)

I chose a bottle of peach and vanilla with cayenne chilli made by Nix & Kix for my drink. I loved the sweetness with the slight texture of peac…