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That Lame Company

There's something about receiving parcels that makes me really happy especially when it arrives looking at cute as this from That Lame Company!

With a heart decorated envelope and the contents wrapped so neatly - it's almost too pretty to open!
Despite their name, they are actually a pretty cool online company that specialise in high quality products, including phone cases, pocket mirrors, art prints, sticker packs and more. I secretly wish I could own each and every one. 

I should have taken a better photo of it with the gold wrapping but I was too excited to see what I had been sent.

Inside was a beautiful floral A5 weekly calendar deskpad and a pack of 4 Insulting Incentives A6 Art Prints, which are kind of motivating in a humorous way (NB due to the insults I would say some of these prints are suitable for adults only). 

I was so happy to get the deskpad I had chosen plus an extra gift :) Thank you That Lame Company!   I can't wait to use my notepad and have already hung up …

Monograph Japanese Supperclub

After months of wanting to go this East London based supperclub, the day finally arrived!

On the menu were four courses, which were explained on individual stickers:
Watercress, tofu, katsuobushi, red shiso & ponzu Udon noodles with smoked mackerel and mixed seaweeds 24 hour marinated saikyo-miso salmon and Japanese short grain rice  Matcha doriyaki, chocolate mocha, aka daifuku 

I found the watercress fresh but very overpowering. The tofu balanced out the very strong flavour but there wasn't an even ratio of tofu to watercress so I couldn't finish all of the watercress. The little bottles of ponzu added a touch of tanginess that binded the ingredients together. 
The udon dish was amazing. I loved the hint of lemon running through the small grilled pieces of mackerel. I'm not even a fan of mackerel but it was cooked perfectly. The silky and flavoursome broth was delicious, I wanted to drink every last drop - so I did. After this course, I was comfortably full and content, but…

Sacla' 25 Years Celebration

Ciao! So this post is all about Salca celebrating their 25 years with an all day event based in London! I booked my two free tickets months in advance and had no idea what to expect.

Inside the Vinyl Factory were food stalls spaces around the hall, including sliced meats, espresso, cheese, ice cream, juice, sandwiches, wine and nearly all of Sacla's pesto's and dipping sauces. There were also live demonstrations by Theo Randall throughout the day :)

First stall to visit - Ham! I had prosciutto and cubed ham and pieces of focaccia to go with it. The breadsticks were yummy too.

I skipped the cheese, wine and espresso stall and went to the drinks bar. 

Here I found three different flavoured bottles of sparkling juice. I went for a ruby orange one. Packaged in a glass bottle and served with a straw, it looked so pretty and tasted delicious too.

Next was Sacla's cart, packed with so many different things to try. Not only could we try as much as we want, we also got some of those pro…

Yorica Vegan Ice Cream

After being told about this place by my friend Victoria, I couldn't wait to check this place out. Based on Wardour Street, London, is this newly opened vegan ice cream shop. 
Serving 11 different flavours, you'll have a hard time in choosing! But the staff are so friendly, they'll let you try them all to help you decide :)  There are also a range of toppings, including fresh fruit, chocolate chips and cornflakes. 
Not only do they do ice cream, but they make shakes and fro-yo (frozen yoghurt)!
For £3.65 I had a mini cup of chocolate beetroot and peanut butter ice cream with vegan tiffin pieces on top, which was delicious! Smooth, creamy but light, it was quickly devoured in delight :)  I ate in (at no extra charge, which I thought was a nice difference) and sat at the bar area. The seating area is quite laidback but still elegant. There's also a pod like chair that hangs from the ceiling. 
I will definitely be back to try the fro-yo, as one of the flavours is matcha! 

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