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My 2015

It has almost been officially a year since I started the Make - Bake - Travel blog! I would like to thank all my readers and followers - it's great to know my posts are being read in different countries :)

For those who aren't familiar with my previous blog, I like to sum up my year with my top five favourite moments, countdown style. I've included the links to the original post just in case you're curious to see more photos :)

5. Weddings

Honestly wasn't expecting more than one this year but I was invited to 3! One in Dublin, the second in Italy and the third in London. Too many things to write about my sister and new brother-in-law's wedding but congratulations to you both :)

4. Cornwall

I was quite lucky to fly to several places this year (Barcelona, Dublin, Italy) but my favourite place that I visited would have to be Cornwall. Needing a long weekend break away from the city, we stayed in Par, where everyone was so friendly and calm. Definitely a place to visit…

Bloggers Hangout Christmas Food Fest

After being introduced and invited to my first one in October by Vi Vian, I couldn't wait to attend this event with my sister and meet lots of new brands! Held near Shadwell, the event was full of friendly and food-filled stalls :) Right by the entrance, was Cocoa by L, a company I had been looking forward to meeting. Not only does she make scrumptious chocolates, but they are also raw and vegan! Made with only natural sweetness, such as agave syrup and coconut (no dates), these chocolates are definitely unique. If you like your after dinner mints, then the mint crisp is perfect as a little dessert. It's has a mild peppermint taste with seeds that give it a nice crunch when you bite into it. The coconut one is so good! It has a soft chocolate mousse like centre with a little sprinkle of desiccated coconut. The hazelnut chocolate is slightly firmer with crunchy pieces of hazelnut inside giving it a great contrasting texture. I am a chocoholic but these chocolates are indulgent and…

Shuang Shuang Hotpot

With the new opening of Shuang Shuang in Leicester Square, Vi Vian and I couldn't wait to try it out! 

Offering a Chinese cuisine, Shuang Shuang specialise in hotpot. For those who haven't heard of hotpot before, it's where you add lots of ingredients to a pot of boiling water or flavoured soup and enjoy it with different dipping sauces. 
I'm used to the having hotpot but usually at Chinese New Year and at Christmas so knew what to expect and how it worked. It is quite a sociable experience as you can share and serve food to each other. There's not really any rules to hotpot apart from making sure that your meat and fish are cooked. 
When we arrived, we were seated in less than 5 minutes near the entrance. We were given lots of help, whether it be from the food menu, drinks menu, coloured plate key or members of staff. 

It soon became too cold to sit where we were and asked to be placed further inside the restaurant where we thought it would be warmer. Unfortunately, t…

Aqua Shard

With a few days of holiday left, I decided to go for a lunch date with Sheepa at the Aqua Shard :) Having been to The View From The Shard last year, I was keen to know what the food would be like.
On the menu, there was a choice of a la carte or a 3 course set menu for £34. Everything sounded great on the latter so we opted for that.
For starters, Sheepa had the Cornish beetroot carppacio with mandarin jelly, green salad and beetroot ice cream.
I went for the celeriac soup, which came with smoked potato, chestnuts and truffle oil. Our waitress cheekily served me a bowl with just the dry ingredients and I was about to say I didn't order this when she laughed and came back with my soup :) I loved the thin vegetable crisps on the top, and the smokey pieces of potato. Everything was full of flavour but accompanied each other so well.
For mains, I had already set my heart and tastebuds on the Jack Be Little pumpkin risotto with crushed chestnuts and crispy sage (I asked them to omit the ric…

Chocolate Festival 2015

After attending last year's event, I couldn't wait to go to this year's and indulge in more chocolate! From 4-6th December, the event is held at the Business Design Centre, N1 0QH in Angel. Read below for more details and photos of what you can find!

Following The Chocolate Festival on Facebook, I found they were offering the same offer as last year - 241 on tickets so bought them instantly! Usual price is £12 per person but if you check Twitter they sometimes have offers, such as £10 on the door. 
Once we had entered the building, my sister had already fallen in love with the massaging gadget and probably could have sat there for hours! If you're looking for a pamper day for two, next door is a stall called Face, where for £69.99 you and a friend can have champagne, a photoshoot, make up and hair done. Upstairs, were all the chocolates, wine and cheese stalls. First stall to visit - Baru, famous for their chocolate enrobed marshmallows.  They also now do 3 different hot c…