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Shopping, Cake and Greek Food

This Saturday, me and my sister were on a mission - find a wedding outfit for our mum in Stratford Westfield. 

In order to keep our energy up, we started with some lunch at The Real Greek. Having never eaten there before, I was going to order lots of dishes! Luckily my sister advised us to choose a few and we can all share. 
I chose saffron rice, pork belly and grilled aubergine in a roasted tomato sauce. We also ordered meliztanosalata (a dip made from roasted aubergine, garlic, shallots and lemon), greek flatbread, dolmades (vine leaves filled with rice, tomato and herbs), chips and chargrilled chicken wings. 

The flatbread with the dip was so good but the roasted garlic sauce around the aubergine was even better! I was even dipping my chips in it. I really enjoyed the food here and would definitely come back again :) Also, students get 25% off any day of the week.
After hunting round and successfully fufulling our mission, we stopped off at Caffe Concerto for some cake and a drink. I f…

Lanka Patisserie

The great thing about working in Camden is that there are lots of different places to eat. With a constant craving for cake, I am always seeking out a new place to try :)

I discovered Lanka on Google as there used to be one in Primrose Hill but now it only exists in Swiss Cottage. It's a French-Japanese patisserie, which sells lots of pretty cakes and teas inside.
I honestly couldn't decide which cake to have so I came back the next day! (That's how indecisive I am). After much deliberation, I went for the Green Tea and Azuki Pudding. She packed it up in a cute little box and I couldn't wait to eat at my desk. 
Now I know the cake looks like an avocado that's been left out too long but it tasted much better than what my camera captured I assure you. 
It had a rich, creamy, buttery texture and flavour with a subtle hint of green tea. The azuki beans added a crunchier texture and a sweet but savoury nutty flavour. 
I plan on going back to try the rest of the cakes :)

Snowflake Gelato Saturday

I'm usually one for spotting a person eating an ice cream in the middle of Winter and saying "It's too cold for ice cream!" But when it comes to Snowflake Gelato in London, it's always a great day for it :)

For my friend's birthday, I decided to take him out for a surprise treat - waffles, gelato and a hot drink.
After pondering over the selection of toppings, he selected the Snowflake classic waffle with gelato and fudge sauce and a luxury hot chocolate.
I went for the Luxury Maple waffle, served with fresh blueberries and strawberries, maple syrup and dark chocolate sorbet. Oh and a pot of Earl Grey tea. I loved the toppings with the hot waffle and gelato. Although there is a menu, you can still choose whatever flavour gelato you want with your waffle. Birthday or not, I think we'll be back here soon :) 

My Old Dutch Pancakes

It's Pancake Day! For those who have a sweet tooth, My Old Dutch is the place for you :)

After many mentions of My Old Dutch, I finally got to go and try their famous pancakes. There are different branches located in Kensington, Chelsea but we visited the Holborn branch. Despite a large variety of sweet and savoury pancakes, being the chocoholic that I am, there was only one obvious choice for me - butterscotch pancakes with chocolate chips, chocolate sauce and strawberries dusted with icing sugar. Difference between Butterscotch pancakes and pancakes? With the Butterscotch pancakes, you get a stack of 6 and if you opt for a pancake, it comes as one large one with your chosen toppings.
For those who have do have a slight sweet tooth, be warned, you will leave feeling like a giant sugar ball. We did, and that was only half way through our pancake! An option that might help you defeat the sweetness is to order one savoury and one sweet pancake. Be warned though, it is pretty filling!