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Falafelicious review

One of the advantages of working near Old Street station is being 10 minutes away from Shoreditch Boxpark. Based on the first floor is the most delicious falafel place where everything is vegan. 

Once you’ve chosen between a pitta bread or salad box, you can then pick from the large variety of salads. 

From bulgar wheat to babaganoush, there are lots of different dishes to choose from and you can help yourself to as much as you want of each (or as much as you can fit in). 
My favourite is the sweet chilli cauliflower, which has a light, crispy, golden batter and covered in the tastiest sweet chilli sauce. If that tray isn’t empty - you’ve gone at a good time! 

The falafels are golden, crunchy and seasoned with lots of herbs, making them  extra tasty. Some people skip the pitta bread but they are really soft and quite light. 
And finally, if you wish to enjoy your falafels with a drink, you can choose from a range of soft or alcoholic beverages from the fridge. 

Boxpark is a great place to c…

Good Carma Flavour Fusion Cheese Review

Known for their Flavour Fusion cheeses, Good Carma are a great dairy free and vegan parmesan cheese alternative. Made from a range of finely crushed nuts, their cheeses are great in soups, on pasta and anything else that needs a bit of cheese.
The cheese comes in three different flavours: Original, Garlic and Chilli. They all have a soft, crumbly texture and a subtle but tasty flavour. My favourite would be the garlic as it has a mellow taste. The Himalayan salt also comes through so you don’t need to add extra salt to your dish. 
I found that all three cheeses worked really well with spaghetti bolognaise so if you do try the recipe below, let me know which one you chose!

Ingredients 250g spaghetti  250g mince pork 1 tin chopped tomatoes  1 medium onion 1 chicken cube 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar  1 tbsp dried oregano 1 tbsp olive oil Few leaves of fresh basil  Salt and pepper
Good Carma Flavour Fusion cheese 
How to make Heat the oil in a frying pan and dice the onion. Fry until they are a pale yellow co…

My Sauce review

If you enjoy and can take the fiery heat from scotch bonnet peppers then My Sauce may be what you’re looking for!

Made from only vegetables, this sauce is vegan friendly, gluten free and comes in three different flavours: spicy pineapple marinade, scotch bonnet mild and scotch bonnet hot.
I went for the scotch bonnet hot, which has quite a thick consistency, so it is great for dipping and marinading. It has a tangy and distinct pepper taste so I decided to try it out with a southern fried chicken salad.

I'm quite sure you don't need me to write out how to make a salad, so here are just the list of ingredients I used before I drizzled some hot sauce on top :)
Ingredients 150g cooked southern fried chicken 198g tinned sweetcorn (drained)
90g baby salad leaves 10 cherry tomatoes (halved) 1 avocado A bottle of My Sauce - Scotch Bonnet Hot (as much as you like!)

Tempted to try? Find out where you can get your My Sauce on Gil's website!
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The Vurger Co review

After trying their Xmas burger in 2017, I was excited when The Vurger Co announced that they were going to open up their first restaurant. Based just a few minutes from Shoreditch High Street station, this vegan place specialises in burgers but also serves mac and cheese, milkshakes and ice cream.

I opted for the Holy Habernero burger but as I had read such good reviews about the mac and cheese, I chose this as my side instead of fries. 

What is the Holy Habernero?  Sandwiched between two soft brioche pieces is a patty made from corn and Habernero peppers, chilli mayo and sprinkled with toasted almond flakes and tortilla chips. It’s not as photogenic as the other burgers as there are no greens but if you like it spicy - this is the one for you. The only downside to the burger was not having enough texture. With the patty and bun being soft, it needed something crunchy. The almonds helped but there weren’t enough to contrast from the soft filling. Also the chilli mayo made the tortilla ch…