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Rawligion - New Menu

So tonight I was one of the lucky guests to be invited to sample Rawligion's new menu!
Owner John Taba has been working furiously over the Christmas period with New York chef Pete (who has been vegan for 20 years now), to create a new set of tasty, raw items. Whether you have allergies or are just trying to eat healthier, Rawligion have a fantastic range of breakfast, lunch and desserts, which are all suitable for vegans, gluten free and paleo diets and vegetarians. 
There were 13 new items to sample and apologies for not being able to photograph them all - I was too distracted by the food (and Owen Wilson)!
My favourite 3 were: Strawberry chia pudding with cocoa nibs and cacao. I couldn't leave without this dessert. The sweetness is perfect and so so satisfying.
I also really enjoyed the protein shake. If you love chocolate milk, you'll enjoy this as much as I did. It's natural sweetness makes very easy to drink the bottle in one go!
I've never been able to have colesla…

Nakd Bars Review

I was pleasantly surprised to find a parcel full of different flavoured nākd bars at my door, perfect for Veganuary :)

I'm sure most of you are familiar with nākd products but in case you aren't, they're made with fruits and nuts and are completely gluten and dairy free and vegan friendly. They are also cold pressed so no nutrients are lost in the manufacturing process and count as 1 of your 5 a day! 
Bakewell Tart If you love marzipan, you'll love this bar. It tastes just like it! Sweetened with dates, you'll just need the one (unless you really are a marzipan fan).
Apricot Crunch  You can smell the sweetness coming through the packaging. Great if you're craving something fruity and sweet. The crunchiness comes from the soya crunchies, which adds extra protein and keeps you fuller for longer.
Cocoa Crunch This bar smells chocolatey but it doesn't match the taste. The texture is much drier than the other bars and the crunchy bits were quite powdery. Despite being …

NINAS popcorn

At the Free From Festival, I was lucky enough to meet, Chirag, the founder behind NINAS popcorn. Not only is the packaging beautifully unique, so are their flavours, which are also 100% natural. 
NINAS have four different flavours of popcorn to choose from: Sweet coconut, Himalayan pink salt & macaKale, black pepper & limeSpicy sriracha & spirulinaCocoa, goji berries & pistachios
The sweet coconut one is my favourite. If you're like me, I always enjoy the most sugar coated pieces of popcorn in the packet but NINAS are all completely flavoured, you won't need to hunt for the well-coated ones. 

The kale, black pepper & lime is certainly an unusual combination but it works well if you want to step away from your average savoury popcorn. The black pepper gives it mild kick, whilst the lime and kale creates a slightly herby, cheesy flavour. I found it a little bit dry but definitely feels a lot healthier than supermarket popcorn.
The spicy sriracha & spirulina po…

Mrs O's Fuss Free Mixes Review

After many months of following Mrs O on Twitter, I was delighted to finally meet her in person at The Free From Festival. Known for her gluten free, nut free and vegan, fuss free mixes, she kindly let me try her Gorgeous Brownies mix and Yummy VanillaCake mix, and here's what I thought of them:

Gorgeous Brownies Mix

For this mixture, you'll need rice milk, sunflower oil, maple syrup, golden syrup and chocolate chips if you are a chocoholic. The mixture also calls for pure vanilla extract but it doesn't say when to add it in so I left it out.

The method is very simple but the hardest part was sieving the mixture due to the crystallisation of the sugar so I had to discard some of those parts. 

The smell and taste is just like Whittard's chilli hot chocolate powder - it has a very prominent cinnamon aroma and flavour. The texture is similar to a chocolate cake rather than a brownie but it is soft, moist and not greasy, unlike most vegan brownies that use oil. It is quite crum…

Free From Festival Christmas 2016

After attending the Easter event earlier this year, I couldn't wait to go to the Christmas Free From Festival! This time it was held at The Oval Space in Hackney. For anyone looking to change their diet or if you have any allergies to gluten, dairy, egg, this is an event you shouldn't miss out on. So if you haven't heard of this event before, here's what it looks like:

Filled with lots of different stalls upstairs, it was hard to know where to start. As well as lots of new brands, it was nice to a few familiar faces. From freshly made gluten free pizzas to vegan donuts, it was hard to resist buying everything. 

It was quite hard to get round the masses of people but here's a few snapshots of what was there:

Outside, there were a few hot food stalls serving a variety of vegan dishes. Feeling Christmassy, I opted for The Veggie Patch, which had parsnips, sweet potato, potatoes, brussel sprouts, kale and artichokes - delicious. 

After meeting Mrs O and the founder of NIN…

Veganuary - Restaurants in London

Following on from my previous post on snacks for Veganuary, I'd thought I'd write a list of places that serve vegan friendly food. So if you don't feel like cooking here's where you can go:
Restaurants / CafésThe Mae Deli Pizza's - vegan dessert calzone with chocolate coconut ice cream Arancini Brothers - Kentish Town, London Koya Bar - Soho, London La Suite West - Bayswater, London The Stable - Aldgate East, London Rawligion - Goodge St, London The Potato Project - Soho, London