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British Tarantula Society 2016 Event

Don't worry, this post contains no photos of real spiders! In fact they're one of my biggest fears! However, at the weekend I went to Leamington Spa to help my sister sell her SukiSuki plush spiders!
It was definitely a different crowd to ToyCon and we met so many lovely people!
With a long day ahead of us, I'm so glad we had a buffet breakfast to feast on :)
Here's the stall once it was finally set up!
One of my favourite customers was Joe, who happened to be SukiSuki's first customer and now a proud owner of Hairy Henrietta :) As soon as he saw this limited edition spider he had to have her! I'm sure Henrietta loves her new home :)
Towards the end of the day, I got to hold a millipede! It was a little daunting at first as Marianna's reaction made me reluctant to hold it but I actually found it quite cute in the end :) All these big spiders below found new homes :) Each one was sewn by hand and with a lot of love. So for all those who mocked the prices listed, yo…

Tang Noodle Bar London

Having planned to have a girly dinner night between Vi Vian, Louise and myself at Kanada Ya, the plan soon changed to having dinner at Tang London's soft launch and meeting Chris too.

I must say after looking at their website, I was excited to try their menu - especially as it was all dairy-free! However, I was really disappointed with the food, the way everything worked and the service.

As Vi Vian was running late, we thought we'd order drinks first. We had to order at the bar/desk area, which was handy as we were seated there. The waitress took our order and then asked us to pay straight away, despite not having ordered any food. Having grouped all our drinks together, it then became a faff to pay individually. On the plus side there is no minimum payment for cards. 

By the time Vi Vian arrived, I was so hungry. I ordered the Fried Chicken and Chicken Tang. Vi Vian said she would order the black and white tofu so we could share. But it was only when two portions of tofu arrived…

Homemade Afternoon Tea

So this is my 100th post! For my sister's birthday, I decided to do an Afternoon Tea for the family. It took a lot of prepping and planning but it worth it in the end. 

I quickly created a menu, which included the following:
- Vegan scones + watermelon or strawberry jam - Mini sausage solls - Mini pork pies  - Tuna, lemon, black pepper with cucumber sandwiches - Chicken, sage stuffing and lettuce mini subs - Bacon and piccolo tomato mini subs - Crazy chocolate cake
With only a few hours in the evening and a few hours in the morning, I didn't have much time to make everything so bought the mini pork pies and bread from Marks & Spencers.

Ta-dah! Here's what it all looked like :)

I forgot to take photos of the chocolate cake as everyone was too full from the savouries to have any dessert! Thank you Marianna for the photos (think you can tell which ones are hers)! Hope you had a great day :) If you would like to know the recipes for any of the above please leave a comment below and I&…

Rock Star Sushi Bar

To celebrate my new job, Kenny wanted to take me out for dinner. Having seen good reviews about Rockstar Sushi Bar, we set off for South Wimbledon. With only 12 seats in this restaurant, reservations are highly recommended and can only be done online. 

Feeling quite hungry, we started with some edamame beans, which were served cold but with maldon salt flakes and soy sauce. I really liked the slight crunch from the salt flakes but as we reached the end of the bowl, the soy became overly salty.
After looking at their selection of drinks, we opted for two pots of green tea. One with chrysanthemum, globe amaranth and jasmine and the other with marigold and coconut fruit fibre. I can't say the coconut was detectable but I certainly enjoyed watching the flowers bloom in the glass tea pot!

Our first dishes to arrive were spicy tuna uramaki and salmon & avocado filled with prawn tempura rolls.
I was definitely impressed by the presentation. It was elegant, colourful and refined. Decorati…

Sacla's Free From Range

After attending Sacla's 25th anniversary event, I was kindly sent a parcel filled with some of their Free From products! Being allergic to dairy and eggs, I couldn't wait to try their vegan friendly range :)

Inside the box was (all Free From): Basil Pesto, Bolognese Sauce, Creamy Whole Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce, Basil Pesto & Tomato Stir-In, Creamy Tomato Stir-In and Wild Mushroom Risotto. There was also a jar of Besciamella Sauce but this contains milk so is not vegan but is Gluten and Wheat Free.
First sauce to try was the Bolognese Sauce. I added some mince pork, onions, oregano and mushrooms to it. Although I added all those additional ingredients, I found the sauce a bit underseasoned but my boyfriend said he liked the sauve as it wasn't too sharp.

Next to try, Creamy Tomato Stir-In Sauce. This sauce is very convenient and perfect for lunches as you just stir it in to hot pasta and enjoy! This has to be one of the best stir-in sauces I've tried. I love the taste …