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Pep & Lekker Soups

Enjoy eating healthy, wholesome and tasty soups? Have you tried Pep & Lekker?

I met Susan, the founder of Pep & Lekker, at The Free From Festival. I stopped by their stall when I saw their inviting soups and smiles. 

Here are some facts about Pep & Lekker

All their soups are naturalGluten-freeDairy-freeSoya-freeAdditive-freeVegan friendlyThere are five different flavours available (two cold summer soups and three hot versions), along with a vegetable broth and some Nutty Seed Bites. Together, they create a detoxing, cleansing package.

Gorgeous Green
This soup is packed with broccoli, spinach and mint, giving it a vibrant green colour. Served hot, it's a guilt-free soup, which went really well with the Nutty Seed Bites. They still had a slight crunch even though I had found some at the end of my soup.

The cold summer version includes seasonal asparagus, which was very subtle and blended well with the flavours of mint and pea. It is a fresh summer soup.

Ravishing Red
The hot ver…

Free From Festival 2017

For any of my free-from followers, you'll know that I love the Free From Festival which happens twice a year :)
This time it was held at Old Spitalfields Market, a large sheltered area just off Liverpool Street. Filled with lots of stalls, it was nice to meet lots of new brands and a few familiar faces.
From delectable brownies to warming soups, here are all the stalls that I visited which are vegan friendly and soy-free.
Cake & Cucumber
They had me at one look of their brownies on Instagram. However I went for a very tempting slice of Salted Caramel Popcorn cake. It set me back £4.25 but I was not disappointed. It is incredibly sweet so had to enjoy it in two seatings.

La Crèmerie I was very excited about trying these yoghurts as they are made from rice, making them completely soy-free. There are 5 different flavours: original, vanilla, basil, cherry & rhubarb and espresso. However, I found them to be too sharp for my liking.

Sourdough Mess If you haven't tried their peanut…