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Pacari Chocolates

After spotting this brand back in 2014, I've been in love with their dark chocolate fig bar ever since. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Juan and his partner (who have recently taken over Pacari UK) at The Chocolate Festival

After purchasing my adored fig bar, they were so kind to let me take some samples home to try. As well as their wide range of flavours, they are completely dairy free and soy free.

Not sure which flavour to try? Here's my review of the ones I've tried:
Dark Chocolate Fig Bar I can't express my love for this flavour enough. The dark chocolate is balanced out with the natural sweetness from the fig. You even get the little seeds, that are easy to bite but gives the bar an added crunch. Sorry no photo - I ate it all too quickly!
Guayusa Initially the packaging reminded of hemp leaves. I hadn't heard of Guayusa before but it is a plant that can be seen better than green tea as it has lots of antioxidants and has about as much caffeine as coffee …

Superstar BBQ

Love Korean BBQ and a 50% discount? Keep reading!

Ken's brother and sister-in-law invited us out for dinner at Superstar BBQ - a new Korean BBQ restaurant in Tottenham Court Road. Having been there last week, they thought the food was good but the promotion even better!

After looking at their menu online, I couldn't wait to try the food :) Plus I've only been to one Korean BBQ restaurant and thought it was so so.

Arriving just after 6pm on a Thursday night, I was able to get a table straight away. We spent quite a long time deciding and weren't sure if we had ordered enough or too much. Here's what we chose from the 6 page menu:

We ordered two cups of hot honey quince tea and two cups of korean green tea. The honey quince tea has a sweet and sour taste, similar to clementines and a bit like yuzu. It became very concentrated at the bottom of the cup so you might need some extra water to dilute it. The korean green tea has a great nutty flavour to it and would reco…

Slendertox Tea

After being one of the lucky ones to be gifted from The Blogger's Hangout online event - I couldn't wait to try out Slendertoxtea's teas!

Not heard of Slendertoxtea before? Here's a little summary of what they're about:
Our 100% herbal, detox, organic tea will give you the best, most natural detox your body likely needs, especially if you have never done a detox before! It works by helping to breaking down the fatty deposits that adhere to the gastrointestinal tract enabling it to work more efficiently, within a short period of time you may find you have:

Less BloatingIncreased MetabolismA New Detoxed You
I was kindly sent two different types of tea from Slendertoxtea - one pink pouch of 14 Daytox tea bags and a blue pouch with 7 Sleeptox bags.

Slenderteatox recommend starting the teatox on your day off. I did as the packaging recommended but must have had an active mind as after drinking my first cup of Sleeptox tea, I had a terrible nightmare! I must say it di…

Collagen+ Beauty Milk and UFit Protein Drinks

After meeting Protein Drinks Co twice at The Bloggers Hangout, I was kindly sent two cases   of drinks to try! For those who have seen these two drinks on the shelves but were wondering what they are like, you've come to the right place :)

Collagen+ Beauty Milk  I'll start with the Collagen+ Beauty Milk, which comes in a cute, little red bottle - perfect to take with you on the go and fit in your handbag! This drink is enriched with essential vitamins, potent antioxidants and hunger fighting protein.  The strawberry flavour is pleasant, light and not sickly sweet. It's very smooth, just like a strawberry milkshake and refreshing too.

With such a generous supply (a case of 12 bottles!), I decided to share them with two mums (mine + boyfriend's) to see and write what they thought of them:

"Some may find it a bit too sweet but if you have a sweet tooth, it'll be just right"
"A good drink to have any time of the day, whether it's hot or cold outside"

Veganuary - Vegan Desserts

Looking for some vegan desserts but don't want to step into the kitchen?

You've come to the right place :) I've made a list of my favourite desserts, which are completely dairy free and some gluten free too. Enjoy!

I discovered these little delectable pots of yumminess at VegFest 2015 in London. After trying all 7 flavours, I found my favourite, which was the Millionaire's Pud. It was so good, I bought 8 of them :) The creamy chocolate mousse with the crumbly biscuit base made it difficult for me to share.. You can buy them at Holland & Barrett, Waitrose and Ocado.

Swedish Glace
I've been eating this brand since I was ten years old and have always loved (still do) their chocolate ice cream but it is so hard to find nowadays. If you're a fan of raspberry or simply vanilla, then you're in luck as these are easier to find in Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsburys and Holland & Barrett.

Almond Dream
Can't have soya or just love the taste of almond? Make sure…