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After spotting this brand back in 2014, I've been in love with their dark chocolate fig bar ever since. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Juan and his partner (who have recently taken over Pacari UK) at The Chocolate Festival

After purchasing my adored fig bar, they were so kind to let me take some samples home to try. As well as their wide range of flavours, they are completely dairy free and soy free.

Not sure which flavour to try? Here's my review of the ones I've tried:

Dark Chocolate Fig Bar
I can't express my love for this flavour enough. The dark chocolate is balanced out with the natural sweetness from the fig. You even get the little seeds, that are easy to bite but gives the bar an added crunch. Sorry no photo - I ate it all too quickly!

Initially the packaging reminded of hemp leaves. I hadn't heard of Guayusa before but it is a plant that can be seen better than green tea as it has lots of antioxidants and has about as much caffeine as coffee when brewed. It is majorly found in Ecuador and is also known as a "superleaf". This chocolate bar is new bar that was launched in 2014/2015 and is now available in the UK.

This chocolate is quite different from the others as it has less cocoa, giving it a lighter appearance and taste. It's not as smooth as the other bars but still melts in your mouth. I did find I was more awake after eating it but that might have been because it just made me happy whilst I was eating it :)

72% Dark Chocolate
Now I'm quite fussy when it comes to dark chocolate, especially when it's cocoa percentage is over 70%. I usually find it becomes quite bitter. So I had anticipated it to be the same in this bar but I was SO wrong.
It's so smooth, my tastebuds were trying to find the bitter part but even the aftertaste was incredibly pleasant, leaving me reaching back for the whole bar! My sister knows I'm very good when it comes to guessing the percentage in a blind test but this contained such high quality cocoa, I wouldn't have been able to tell. It is a single origin from Los Rios.

I love the colour of this packaging! This bar is a single region fine chocolate. It's made from 65% cocoa and is very smooth. It has a very rich, dark chocolate taste although its appearance is similar to lower cocoa percentage. It has a very subtle hint of citrus and reminds me of the guayusa though neither of those ingredients are in the bar. I think this manabi chocolate bar would make a decadent hot chocolate :)

Now I'm not a big fan of lemongrass so was a bit unsure whether I'd like it but I was partially surprised. It has a subtle, light fragrance and taste of lemongrass and is mildly refreshing. I think if I liked lemongrass, I would have enjoyed it more but my sister loved it! 

Golden Berries
These chocolate covered golden berries may be small but they sure do pack a punch of tartness! The dark chocolate balances out the natural sweetness from the berries and also has a slight crunch. I shared these with my chocolate loving friends and I still had plenty left!

So if you're looking for a new chocolate to try or are just a complete chocoholic (guilty), then I'd recommend Pacari :)

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