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Japan 2016

Continuing on from Hong Kong, it was time to head to Japan! And if you haven't read my Hong Kong post - it's coming soon!

Tip #1: Research and plan as much as you can! As my sister says, JaPlan!

As soon as you know when you are travelling, I would recommend buying your Japan Rail Pass (depending on where and for how long you will be in Japan). 

We bought a 7 day pass for £178pp, which allows you to travel on most Shinkansen (bullet trains) and unlimited travel on the JR line. The JR Pass does not include subway trains but day tickets can be bought for an additional cost in Japan. 

How to get your JR Pass?

Order your pass online from JR Pass and have it delivered to your home (do this as early as you can as if you leave it too late you will have to arrange to pick it up in Japan and it's a hassle)Bring all the documents you are sent and swap it for your JR Pass at a JR office in the airportTravel away but always carry your JR Pass and passport with you!
Once you've collected …