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The Athenaeum

Ever wondered what the Anthenaeum Hotel looked like before being renovated and the restaurant was taken over by Galvin back in December 2015? Here's the answer! 

Following our lunch at Roka Aldwych, we strolled around Southbank before heading to The Athenaeum Hotel for dinner.

Using, we made a reservation for 6pm. Although we arrived 10 minutes early, we were seated promptly. 

The restaurant was a lot smaller than I had anticipated but nonetheless looked elegant and classy. The dim lighting with mirror panels on the walls created a romantic setting but proved not so great when taking photographs.

It was a 3 course set menu with a cocktail for £25. We requested non-alcoholic cocktails, which was quite enjoyable - it was a bit orangey and had a fizz to it. The menu was during the Christmas period so may be different now but ours looked something like this:

Soup of the day 
Pumpkin Ravioli Toasted Pumpkin Seeds Herb Butter
Terrine of Salmon & Langoustine with Cav…

Willy Chase's Fit Popcorn

The founder of Tyrrells, William Chase, has created a new healthy snack for all popcorn lovers! Featuring unique flavours along with the traditional salted popcorn, it's hard to resist eating more!

I was kindly sent a box containing flavours I'd never seen anywhere else and I couldn't wait to try them out with my mum. I love their neat and colourful and packaging, even the box it arrived in! First up, they are incredibly moreish! Secondly, you can tell why its called Fit Popcorn as it's not oily or coated in thick syrups. 

Here is what I thought of the different flavours:

Salted Honey
We both agreed that the ratio of honey to salt was uneven as the taste of honey was almost unnoticeable. Nonetheless, it was yummy snack at only 107 calories. 

Willy's Cider Vinegar
I must admit, I was very much looking forward to trying this one cause I love cider. This one was just like having salt and vinegar but with a different sort of tang :) Just thinking about it is making my mouth …

Margate Weekend Break

After working for 4 months with only one day off, I was very much looking forward to a nice long bank holiday weekend! With the weather set to be hot and sunny, it was a perfect time to go to Margate :)

First stop, Peter's Fish Factory for lunch! We just missed the queue by arriving at midday and ordering two medium fish and chips and one pea fritter.

It was delicious. No bones, just succulent fish and light, crispy batter and chips with a crunch. The pea fritter was yummy! Crunchy exterior from the deep fried batter and a vibrant, mushy pea centre. 

With a bit of time to spare before we checked in to our B&B, we wandered on Margate Main Sands beach. 

With our B&B, Westbrook Lodge Guest House, being so close to the beach we left the car there and walked to Dreamland.
It's free to enter and you just pay for the rides you want to go on but if you're a fan of rides, you might want to buy a wristband in advance for £12 (£15 on the day) so you have unlimited access for the d…

Chocolate Hazelnut Star Bread Recipe

I've seen lots of these star breads on Pinterest and wanted to give it a go using Jim Jam's chocolate spread!

Why this brand in particular? Chocolate spreads are full of sugar, which means they can only be bad for you - especially your teeth. However, Jim Jam spreads are 83% less sugar than most brands such as Nutella but just as tasty plus kinder on the teeth. Also, it's gluten free!
So you now have the facts, here's the recipe :)
Ingredients 2 sheets of pre-rolled puff pastry (I used Jus Rol) 5 tablespoons of Jim Jam's chocolate hazelnut spread 2 tablespoons of hazelnut milk 10" tin to draw around

How to make Preheat the oven to 180 deg. Place your 10" tin on a puff pastry sheet and draw around it using a knife. Place on to a greaseproof papered baking tray and cover with chocolate  hazelnut spread. Cut out the second circle with the remaining puff pastry sheet and place on top.  Place a glass on top, in the center of the circle but don't press down like I did (…