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Free From Festival 2016

I had been eyeing up this event for months but had just missed out on the early bird tickets! Nonetheless  bought 3 tickets and invited my friend Victoria and her boyfriend along. 

I had no idea what to expect but planned to eat lots :) When we arrived it wasn't as big as I had imagined but still packed with lots of little stalls. Instantly I recognised quite a few of the stalls from previous blogger events, such as Coconut Collaborative, Chikas.

First stop: my first raw chocolate cheesecake from Nectar Foods. This creamy chocolate slice cost £3.50 
Next stop: Vegan Sweet Tooth With such a stunning selection of cakes, it's no wonder they are Free From Festival's homepage! From brownies to tarts, there's something for everyone. I must have spent over 15minutes just walking back and forth trying to decide what to buy! I finally chose something I don't normally go for - Black Forest gateaux made with avocados, cherries and chocolate for £3.50. 
I was tempted into buying a b…

Make-Bake-Travel goes on Reprezent Radio

Instead of my usual routine of going home after work, I went to a radio station in Brixton and asked Tim to come along too :)

We were both kindly invited by Lucy to talk about food blogging on Reprezent radio station. Neither of us have been on radio before so we're (as Tim says it) wee bit nervous!
Little did we know there was a quiz for us too! This is where the rivalry began :p
Want to find out who won? Tune in to 107.3FM on Wednesday 29th June at 10am-12pm!

Was lovely to meet you Lucy and thank you for having us :)

Tombo Soho

I found out about this place from one of my fellow Instagrammers and was excited to go visit during their soft launch! I brought 3 other friends along and we went there during our lunch break.  There was a bit of a queue but this went down fairly quickly due to a member of staff taking orders with an iPad as well as another at the counter. I must admit I spent ages deciding what to have but finally went with a regular Classic Tuna Avo and an almond milk Matcha Latte. Whilst waiting for my order I met Patrick who is the manager and was able to see a list of allergens.  I collected my order and my matcha latte. Luckily I had asked if it was made with almond milk as it would have been another Tsjurui moment (they added a shot of condensed milk and my throat closed up). I had to wait a while for another one to be made but it was worth it. Although it was easily resolved, I do think Tombo need to take extra care with their orders. It was just the right sweetness, which balanced out the slight …


So today's the day! The opening of Rawligion! I'm sure the name gives a clue but it's full of raw food, making it vegan friendly too :)
I was one of the lucky bloggers to get a sneak peek of what will be on the menu. Created by John Taba, it's clear to see that he is so passionate about creating delicious and healthy food for everyone as things you've never heard of have been used!
Here is John introducing and explaining to us what makes Rawligion, well Rawligion :)
Next part - sampling the drinks!
We started with a black coloured drink called John Dee. What makes it black is the charcoal and black volcanic salt, which you can't taste but can feel at the end of each sip. The grapefruit and lime in it make it refreshing.
This next one, Poseidon's Trident, could probably replace your coffee if you need a wake-me-up! It's so tangy from the lime, it shook off any sleepiness I was feeling from work. Pretty in Pink - made with pomegranate, rose water and aloe vera …

Primrose Hill Festival

After reading TimeOut and spotting that a vegan baker was going to be there, I couldn't miss Primrose Hill Festival! 

From artwork to BBQ meats, you can be sure to find something to put a smile on your face :)
When we arrived, it was absolutely jam packed with people and lots and lots of dogs! For those of you who are owners, you can enter your pet into one of the many competitions :)
After navigating Pomodoro Basillico's vegan stall, I was upset to find out that all her Boston Donuts were sold out as well as everything else :( 
Searching for something to satisfy my chocolate craving, we ended up a French bakery stall, which sold everything from ├ęclairs to giant chocolate chip cookies. We went for a brownie and a chocolate tiffin triangle. Although the brownie was ok in flavour, it was perfectly baked. I think the chocolate tiffin slice lacked texture and looked better than it tasted..

After spotting a chalkboard with Greek food written on it, I couldn't be tempted by anything …