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Vegfest London

So it seems like such a long time ago since I went to Vegfest in London. For those who have never heard of it before, it's held at Kensington Olympia and is full of only vegan things! 

I managed to get a great deal from TimeOut, where the tickets were only £5 each so bought 2 in advance :) Lucky I did because when we arrived, the queue went all around the block! 
The amount of stalls we had to visit was more than I had imagined! The amount of samples I tried that day.. Let's just say I could have probably opened a vegan milk stall with breakfast bars on the side :p My favourite stall and product of the day would have to be the Simply Sumptuous Millionaires Pud from Pudology. I loved the creamy chocolate coconut mousse with a soya caramel and shortbread base. It was so good, I couldn't resist their offer of 8 for £10 so bought 8 pots!
I am a little bit indecisive when it comes to Nakd bars but with such a great array of different flavours at Vegfest, we could try before we buy.…

Ichigo Makeup for Halloweeen

Happy Halloween!

Stuck for ideas this year? Want something scary but easy to do? How about Ichigo? :)
This year Melissa invited me to Tug's Halloween party and I went as Ichigo, an anime character from Bleach. I'll be honest, I just picked a face from Google that was fairly simple but still halloweeny, I didn't know it was a well known character (my bad!).
Ichigo You'll need: White face paint Black face paint Red face paint Make up sponge Make up brush
First decide which half of your face you want to paint the mask on and then paint a white base on the chosen side.  Next paint the elongated eye line so one end touches the middle part of your nose and the other reaches the side of your face (near your temple). Add downward triangles of red paint and an upside down Nike tick on the cheek. And you're done! I also added a bit of lipstick, mascara and eyeliner to other side of my face but that's optional :)
I also did my nails - excuse the messiness! 
Thanks Tug for having me :)

25th Birthday Celebrations

As my friend put it - I'm now a quarter of a century old! :o

But as consolation, I had the best birthday celebrations, yup plural, with the best company :)

First stop, The Movable Feast at London Bridge, where I bumped into the lovely Pomodoro E Basilico :)

We tried her vegan brunch, which came with cheesy tofu kale, bloody (beetroot) hash, sourdough bread, avocado and chickpea mash and asparagus, lettuce and a grilled tomato. We've never had a vegan brunch before but we were definitely satisfied and full from it! We loved the beetroot hash and could have eaten a whole plateful :)

Next stop, Kyoto Gardens in Holland Park. For more photos click here :) 

Since the weather was nice and we had 4 hours till dinner, I thought it'd be a great day to check out this pretty garden. I've seen photos but I didn't expect to see peacocks so I ended up just following them around trying to take photos of them :p 

We started at Vapiano in Soho for dinner. I've been here before bu…

Kyoto Gardens

If you love going for walks with beautiful scenery then you should visit Kyoto Gardens. A 10 minute walk from Holland Park station, lies a tranquil, green garden.

It is quite easy to feel a little lost when you reach the entrance as the number of sign posts to the garden seem limited. But once you find your way, you'll find a bamboo enclosed area. Inside, there's a waterfall feature, fish and colourful peacocks.

Here are some photos I took and if you like peacocks too, I took a lot of photos of them - even followed one for a bit :p

Rabot 1745

I was recommended this place by a friend at work and when I heard that the whole menu included chocolate, I couldn't wait to go for my birthday! Ken booked the table and after telling them it was my birthday, they brought over a complimentary alcoholic drink served in a martini glass. I'm not sure what it was but it looked and tasted like white wine, with a hint of chocolate. The girls made me drink at work, so I couldn't quite finish it as my head was still hurting..
We decided to skip starters and order our mains. Lamb and Pork and a portion of chips. I think these were the best chips I've had, if not in a very long time! However the chocolate infused ketchup tasted like mulled wine, so wasn't too keen on the combo. I found the portions quite small but maybe we should have ordered a starter.

Not being able to decide which dessert to go for, we ordered both the sorbets and the chocolate tart. When it arrived, they brought it over with a lit candle :) The sorbets were q…

Chocolate Afternoon Tea

So it's National Chocolate Week! I hope you've all been enjoying the chocolate events happening around London. I even got to sample some delicious dark chocolate wine at Westfield Stratford :p
Last year I found an 241 offer by Days Out Guide offer for a chocolate afternoon tea at Park Lane at the Hilton Hotel. 
Being unable to resist anything chocolately, I took my best friend Alex and turned up hungry :)
This was our first afternoon tea so didn't really know to expect apart from sandwiches and cakes with a chocolate twist.  A waitress arrived with our menus and a selection of hot drinks to choose from, including coffee, hot chocolate to posh sounding teas. The tea and hot chocolate were perfect for a winter's day.  We were able to choose 4 sandwiches, with the option of having one of each flavour or as many of each flavour we wished. I chose the ham with tomato and smoked salmon, which were both delicious. Alex opted for prawn cocktail and also ham and tomato. What followed…

Cake and Bake Show 2015

I love baking :) It's not just the making part but also seeing everyone's reaction when it's finished. So when Vi Vian (check out her website here) kindly offered me her tickets, I was too excited to turn them down!

As I've never been to one before, I didn't know what to expect. Inside Excel in area N7, were lots of stalls. From baking utensils, to ovens and baked foods, it seemed impossible to leave empty handed!
We arrived just in time to watch Martha Collison make funnel cakes, which are like a very long but thin churro nest, dusted with sugar and lime zest and drizzled with chocolate. 
After choosing which live demos we wanted to watch, we wandered around as many stalls as we could. 
There was so much to choose from, but we started with sausage rolls from ..., which were fresh from the oven :) I'm not a fan of mustard but a little dash went well with my chicken and mushroom sausage roll.
We also visited The Brownie Company and were able to purchase a peanut butt…