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48 hours in Berlin

Looking to take a short break away whilst wandering around Christmas markets and sipping on hot mulled wine? Berlin is the place for you. With only 2 days in Berlin, we chose to stay in the centre of the city near Bülowstraße. 
Day 1 For breakfast, we headed to Einstein Café, 11 minutes walk from Bülowstraße. It's great for intimate catch ups as it has a quiet but warming atmosphere. Still half awake, our appetite wasn't quite there yet so we ordered the tiered breakfast for one, a hot chocolate and a chamomile tea. The hot chocolate came in a miniature jug with a plate of cream. It was chocolately, smooth and had the right amount of sweetness to it so it wasn't too rich. The chamomile tea was also smooth. The tiered breakfast was served just like afternoon tea, with fruits, a glass of berry yoghurt and thinly sliced meats on the the top tier followed by curry chicken, salmon, cream cheese and a soft boiled egg on the second. Along with it came a basket with different brea…