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Mooshies - Vegan Burger review

After reading so many reviews, I had to go visit Mooshies and try their vegan burgers and cheese sticks as I have had my eyes on them for a very long time!

I went with my sister, who isn't vegan but always happy to try something new. Between ourselves, we ordered two ginger and hibiscus teas, guacamole served with plantain chips, cheese sticks, a Fillet-om-phish and one What's ur beef burger.
Guacamole and plantain chips For £4.50, we were given quite a generous portion of crunchy plantain chips and creamy guacamole. I didn't eat much of it as I wanted to save room for the cheese sticks. 
Cheese sticks Served in a portion of 3, these cheese sticks come with a sweet chilli mayo dip and cost £6.50. They have a crunchy, golden exterior with gooey, melting cheese on the inside. It was a delight. The dip for me personally would have been better without the sweet chilli as I couldn't reach nor taste the mayo.

Fillet-om-phish Made from a slice of battered aubergine, their homemade t…

Hawker House – Street Feast

Located just a short walk from Canada Water station, you'll find Hawker House. A venue that has been transformed into a food market, featuring lots of different street foods all under one roof every Friday and Saturday from 5pm. 

Whilst attending a foodie meet up, I was able to try three of the vendor's dishes at a discounted price. 

First up, Ink. Made up of a two-man team, they sure know how to create a picturesque plate with their crispy squid rings, coriander leaves and pastel-coloured mayos. Marinated in milk before being deep-fried, these squid rings are perfectly seasoned and tender so be prepared for food envy.

To accompany my squid, I visited Mother Clucker for some cajun fries. Famous for their twice-fried buttermilk chicken, you can choose from chicken strips or a burger and a choice of cheesy fries or cajun fries as a side. The cajun fries were thin, crispy and so tasty with the hot sauce and parsley. Unfortunately, I found them incredibly salty towards the end and wa…